My name is Dave Demastus and I grew up in 1970’s Upper Falls Maryland, a small community about 45 minutes north of Baltimore City. I went every where I wanted to go by either sitting on the seat of a bicycle or standing on the deck of a skateboard. For me, my brothers and my buddies, our bikes were both transportation and recreational vehicles. We would ride and meet up at each others homes and build ramps and jumps or cut new trails thru the woods that would push, test and challenge ourselves. What great ways to have fun afternoons!

One of our riding friends lived in an old country style farmhouse down a small back road of Baltimore County. His home had a large unattached open bay 4 car garage. It had a very nice smooth concrete floor with no inside dividing walls. We would cover a large portion of that concrete floor with motor oil (yep, that’s right – 10w40 Quaker State motor oil for vehicles). We would blast through one at a time on our bikes. It was slippery, sloppy and one heck of a mess to say the least! But for a young guy pushing the limits on his bicycle, you would be hard pressed to pack more fun into one day anywhere! Oh yes, we cleaned the floor, cleaned our bikes and finally cleaned ourselves. This is just one of the many great memories I have of being young, of my bike and of my buddies and a very very good day.

My future wife Janet grew into biking a little differently than I did. She was an army brat born in Sendai, Japan and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii during the mid 1960’s. Her dad was stationed in Fort Shafter and so she had to comply with base regulations. This required anyone who wanted to ride a bike on the 750 acre military site to be tested and licensed by the Military Police. Basic rules of the road needed to be learned where upon a license was awarded and affixed to the top tube of the bicycle. But then amazing freedom and ability to explore, ride to the base swimming pool for the afternoon, go to the PX for Icee’s, speeding down grassy slopes and having a blast showing off what “skills” they thought they had.

Fast forward quite a number of years. Janet and I have four grown children between us who have children of their own. We try to stay active and healthy doing yoga, going hiking and biking, lots of mini golf, croquet and yes even skateboarding (cautiously!) sometimes.

We know that our society (young and old alike) may not be as active as they should be. People may not think of the local bicycle store for inspiration to kick start a more active lifestyle. They probably do not know the name or location of a bike store to turn to for knowledgeable professional help. What we are hoping to accomplish with this website is simple. Good will exposure for every bike store who takes advantage of our offer. Let your community see your face and know that you’re here to help them.